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An Interview with Demian Lara: The Man Behind Cirqular

Catch Cirqular and a stacked lineup of talented artists from the Colorado-based Lysergia Art Collective this upcoming Thursday. Get your tickets HERE today. 

From a young age, Demian Lara knew he wanted to dedicate his life to music. Growing up in Mexico City, he recalls early musical inspiration from a vast range of genres with heavy metal — specifically Motley Crue and Van Halen — being his favorite. Lara remembers painting his arms with “tattoos” and playing a “concert” for friends and family members on drum sets and tennis racquet guitars. 

In 1999, Lara began seriously producing. Since then he has released hundreds of songs spanning a number of genres and has played in 20 cities across the globe. 

On Thursday, October 27 SHIFT Thursday’s attendees are in for a treat as Lara plays a once-a-year show under his psychedelic bass music alias Cirqular. 

We asked him a few questions to find out more about his work and what fans can expect at SHIFT. 

River Beats: Tell us about the inspiration behind your music. 

Cirqular: I could answer this question in a number of ways. I get inspired by the innocence of the hummingbirds and wildlife in the woods I live in. By graffiti artists like East ATT or Mediah, turntablists like DJ Qbert or DStyles. This week I burst into tears watching Bob Marley singing “War,” dreaming of freedom, and listening to Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun” which made me feel like I was floating in space. I get inspiration from reading or hearing people like Trungpa Rinpoche or Minjur Rinpoche. 

I also draw inspiration from the working-class people in my poor country like the 81-year-old taxi driver I met yesterday, smiling and driving with no complaints. Or by the love of people surrounding me, from my honest friendships, from just realizing that being alive is the biggest gift we could ask for. Sometimes contacting my deepest fears and frustrations but also kindness and acceptance through sound — that’s also inspiring. 

River Beats: What makes you excited to play SHIFT? 

Cirqular: The fact that this will be my once-a-year gig as Cirqular. The pandemic was not easy for me. But it will be such a unique experience! I’ve always wanted to play at Cervantes and working with the Lysergia people for the first time is exciting, too. 

River Beats: What can people expect from you at the show? 

Cirqular: You can expect to hear 10 months of work, 15 songs I’ve never played in front of an audience in an effort to reveal my heart and be as humble and transparent as possible. 

River Beats: Do you have anything else in the works musically you’d like to speak to? 

Cirqular: I want to release all of my new songs in EPs. I’m not sure where they’ll be released yet but they will be out in 2023. I don’t have any performance dates confirmed yet for the coming months, but I’m working on that, too!

Catch Cirqular and a stacked lineup of talented artists from the Colorado-based Lysergia Art Collective this upcoming Thursday. Get your tickets HERE today. 

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