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K.L.O Announces ‘Ultra Mysterious EP’ & a Return to Touring for SHIFT Thursday at Cervantes

K.L.O takes over Denver on March 14. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is available HERE

SHIFT Thursdays is off to the best start in 2024. And our new announcement with K.L.O. confirms we are headed to the moon!

K.L.O. is making a comeback after their pandemic-era album “Slow Mode,” and they’re dropping the Ultra Mysterious EP on March 1st. These UK stars, Kursa, Lonedrum, and Osmetic, know how to blend UK and US bass music like no other. Their debut album Acid Scratch was a hit, and now, they’re hitting the U.S. again in 2024.

Just two weeks after the release of their new EP, Osmetic, and Lone Drum will grace the stage at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on March 14 for one of the best SHIFT Thursdays to date!

This gig is a big deal—it’s their first U.S. appearance in 2024, and they’re bringing the heat with some sick vinyl scratching, mind-blowing visuals, and the killer sounds from the EP. With support acts like Jon1st, and Base2.

Tickets for the March 14 show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom are available HERE. This landmark event not only celebrates K.L.O.’s return to the U.S. but also sets the stage for more headline and festival dates to be announced soon.

More About K.L.O

K.L.O. is the formidable UK-based production trio composed of Kursa, Lonedrum, and Osmetic. Each member, boasting a rich history in the music scene, joined forces in 2016 to form a synergistic powerhouse. 

The unique blend of Kursa’s production expertise, combined with Lonedrum’s dynamic turntablism and Osmetic’s ear for a hook creates a sound that resonates with human language through the interplay of intense production and intricate scratch stylings. Their style is a distinctive UK take on US bass music, setting them apart in the electronic music landscape.

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