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From Local Roots to Regenerate: Inside the Journey of 128 Productions [Interview]

Regenerate Festival Denver

Two weeks ahead of the second year of Regenerate Festival and 128 Productions is ready to go. 128 Productions strive to “bring creativity to life” and believe in the power of connection through music. Established in 2018 with a passion for connection and a commitment to excellence, they specialize in creating captivating events across various venues and genres. 128 Productions is comprised of a team of multi-talented individuals with Alex Padgett, Founder, and Rob West, Chief Operations, at the helm.

Alex, the founder of 128 Productions, has deep roots in Colorado, having lived in almost every corner of the state while growing up. His journey took him through various colleges before ultimately graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His involvement in the music scene began with a company called Angry Neighbor, which organized dubstep events in Boulder. “I helped with that company and started doing house music events,” he recalls. This experience laid the foundation for what would become 128 Productions.

128 Productions Event | House in the Jungle 2018
128 Productions Event | House in the Jungle 2018

It was a chance connection through a mutual colleague that led to a pivotal meeting with Rob West, now the Chief Operations Officer of 128 Productions. “Rob moved to Denver, and a mutual friend told him, ‘Hey, you have to meet Alex. You guys have similar goals and would hit it off,‘” Alex explains. Their first meeting was at one of 128’s initial events, which, despite a small turnout, sparked a successful partnership. “Rob came to one of our first 128 Events, and although there weren’t many people there, we clicked.”

Regenerate: Denver’s house and techno festival

Taking place over a few years, conversations evolved about their vision of creating a festival that was house and techno music-focused, something that had never happened before in Denver. What began as a small idea quickly gained momentum, becoming the Regenerate Festival that we know today.

Alex and Rob had a clear vision for Regenerate: they wanted it to be a house and techno festival that truly belonged to Denver.

Regenerate Festival Denver
Regenerate Festival Denver 2024 Lineup

We wanted this to be Denver’s house and techno festival,” Alex emphasized. “It’s very Denver within those genres. if you look at the local lineup, all are active in the community.

In line with this vision, Rob described a unique initiative they undertook: “This year, we held a mix competition and a live competition to fill the last local spot on the lineup. We received over 200 mixes and listened to every single one. We narrowed it down to five finalists who played at Larimer Lounge, where a panel of judges evaluated them over the course of the night.”

The level of support and talent they witnessed was impressive. “We were blown away by how great the support was,” Rob continued. “We ultimately chose a winner, who goes by Sparkle. She’s super unique, and it was an amazing way to engage the community and support emerging artists.This approach not only highlighted local talent but also strengthened the connection between 128 Productions and Denver’s vibrant music scene.


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INside Regenerate’s lineup

When curating the lineup for Regenerate, Alex and Rob focused on more than just house and techno; they aimed to create a balanced and dynamic experience. Alex explained, “One of the nice things is we’re not just promoters; we have a collection of DJs as well. A lot of times when we’re digging through music, we’re fans first. We’re trying to find new and cool stuff.

This dual perspective allows 128 Productions to catch emerging artists early, often booking them at smaller events before they become widely known. “For the 2024 lineup, we included artists we’ve worked with on a smaller level and are trying to grow in the market. We also wanted a good variety of people spread across genres and introduced new acts that might not typically perform in Denver, like Agents of Time,” Alex shared.

One of the highlights of this year’s lineup Eric Prydz, a personal favorite for Alex.

A lot of his fans have been calling for him to play in Denver, and Eric Prydz hasn’t played here for close to a decade. Just getting him on this lineup and seeing the reaction from his fans is great.”


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With Year 2 of Regenerate just weeks away, excitement is palpable at 128 Productions.

The reason I love doing these events is because I love seeing people experience something unique and intimate, something really cool for Denver. That’s what I live for.” – Alex

Regenerate Festival Denver

Rob echoes this excitement. “We’re EXCITED. Because we’ve gone through it once already, there are far fewer unknowns compared to last year. Seeing the hype and talking about it is thrilling. Expanding to two days makes it more of a staple.

This year, they’ve focused on improving the production side and adding a special element they’re excited about but can’t reveal just yet. “I think people will be very happy,” Alex hints.

What else is in store for 128 Productions?

Besides Regenerate, 128 Productions has plenty more in store for their Colorado friends. Their annual rooftop series, Oasis, returns to Jackson’s Rooftop Downtown. They have some really great artists lined up for this summer in July, August, and September, so give their page a follow for future announcements.

As 128 Productions continues to bring creativity to life, they remain committed to fostering connections through music and creating unforgettable experiences for the Denver community. Whether it’s through the Regenerate Festival or their summer Oasis series, Alex, Rob, and their team are dedicated to making each event a unique and memorable celebration of music and culture.

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