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Danceportation Returns to Meow Wolf This Weekend: Here’s What You Need to Know

Danceportation | Photo by Alive Coverage / Sam Silkworth

A “mini-festival” inside Denver’s Meow Wolf for adults only? Sign us up! Meow Wolf Denver’s immersive dance party, Danceportation pulses through all the worlds of Convergence Station, and returns this Saturday, June 1st for a J. Worra takeover. Doors open at 9:30pm and music begins at 10:30pm. The event goes until 2 a.m. and is only for travelers 21 and over.

Get your tickets for Danceportation with J. Worra on June 1

This weekend’s edition of Danceportation is a takeover by J. Worra. The lineup features Anabel Englund, Cherry Tooth, James Patterson, and Playhaus, alongside DJ Sauce, Maro, Mr. Frick, and My Friend Jordan. Special dance performances will be by Serenity Soleil and Skye Alizée.

Explore stages in Numina, Eemia, C Street and The Perplexiplex®. Convergence Station transforms into a sanctuary of beats and rhythms with spaces to take a breather from the dancefloor action as needed. Explore the worlds for surprise activations and secret pop-up sets!

What does your ticket include?

With your ticket, you’re in for an incredible night of music and full access to all that Convergence has to offer! Experience live performances spread across the multiple immersive worlds. Feel free to wander and discover the vibrant artwork as you move between sets, or take a break and unwind in one of the quieter rooms designed for relaxation. It’s more than just a concert; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold!

Is there a bar at Meow Wolf Denver?

Meow Wolf Denver does have a new bar, aka the “executive travel lounge,” Sips (With a Z).

Is this event 21+ only?

Yes, Danceportation is a 21+ only event!

Get your tickets for Danceportation with J. Worra on June 1

This very unique event will undoubtedly transport you to another dimension inside Meow Wolf. Will we see you there?

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