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Classically Trained Au5 Reveals His Bass-Charged Debut Album ‘Divinorum’ [Listen]


Au5 began his music career quite different from other artists in his genre. The Colorado-based producer started out as a classically trained musician before he developed into the hard-hitting bass artist he runs with today. Boasting 10-tracks, Au5 dives into a story that has been three years in the making.

Divinorum begins with “Stargate” ft. Tasha Baxter. On the lead single, Au5 explains that “Stargate” is the “acknowledgment of our shortcomings, mortality, and flaws. With that acceptance, we realize the boundless potential that awaits once we “let go” of our attachment to ideas that hold us back. In the context of the album, it defines approaching the point where we are able to transform ourselves and breakthrough into the divine realm.”

Other hits from the album include “Infinite Wings,” the longest song on the album, featuring Ashley Apollodor; the melodic “Mesmerizing,” featuring Bella Musser; and the finale: “The Void.” Out of all 10 tracks, 8 of them are collaborations with amazing artists and producers.

“Divinorum in this context translates to ‘[things] of the divine.’ The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality.”

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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