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Sounds of the Underground: The Black Box February Lineup | Pola & Bryson, 5AM, Entangled Mind & More!

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February marks an incredible milestone for The Black Box and Sub.mission crew. After 13 years, Electronic Tuesdays remains North America’s longest-standing weekly electronic music series!

Featuring a buffet of options, February hosts artists across the spectrum of sound. From the worldly sonics of Entangled Mind and Chief Kaya to dancefloor thrillers such as Tim Reaper and the Denver debut of Pola & Bryson, the Sub.mission team has done it once box

The Beating of the Drums

If we’ve learned anything working with the Sub.mission crew, they know how to celebrate. The thirteenth anniversary of Electronic Tuesdays is no exception. On February 13 we’re joined by one of the hottest acts in Drum & Bass, Pola & Bryson!

While many discovered them through their smash hit ‘Phoneline’ featuring Emily Makis last year, this dynamic duo has been at it for nearly a decade with timeless tunes across their discography. Their latest releases and breathtaking live performances have propelled them to new heights and we can’t wait for their first trip to the Rocky Mountains.

Junglists stay close, there is more yet to offer. February 10 features a one-of-a-kind experience hosting an All Live Jungle Showcase featuring legends Paradox, Spinscott, and Quad on support! Possibly one of the most prominent names in Jungle today, Tim Reaper returns on February 20 for a mixing masterclass.

As a special treat, Ragga specialist Benny Page makes his way to Denver for the first time February 24! As a Jungle Cakes alumni and CEO of Dub Shotta Records, he’s made his mark years on end by staying true to his roots-driven style. This one is sure to be special.

Space and Time

Starting the month off, one of our favorite quarantine discoveries 5AM returns February 2 for what is sure to be a unique performance. Blending elements of multiple genres and impeccable sound design creates a freeform experience unlike any other.

As a common thread this month, attendees seeking to explore more have plenty to choose from. On February 3, Smigonaut returns after an incredible 2023 run with Wicker’s Portal and Aptic, two names we’ve been hearing more as of late and can’t wait to explore, with Opera TR to open.

For those looking to see the famous Black Box system shine, look no further than Chief Kaya with rising star Criso getting an opportunity to show what those 21″ Othorns are made of. With a recent refresh and repositioning on the Tannoy tops, the space only continues to improve.

Joining forces for their Worlds Collide Tour, Murkury & Lavier return to Denver to spread their sound to the masses. Closing out the month, the mesmerizing Entangled Mind brings their deeply rooted inspirations to the stage and local finalists will duke it out for the FINALS of their latest DJ Residency Battle!

February at The Black Box

For the full calendar, check below to find your flavor and grab tickets ASAP as they are flying for many of these events. Tickets are available NOW at The Black Box website.

  • February 2nd: 5am w/ Benji Robot, Kadela
  • February 3rd: Smigonaut w/ Wicker’s Portal, Aptic, OperaTR
  • February 8th: Chief Kaya w/ Criso
  • February 9th: Blankface of Savage Society
  • February 10th: All Live Jungle Showcase – Paradox, Spinscott, Quad
  • February 13th: 13th Anniversary of Sub.mission Electronic Tuesdays w/ Pola & Bryson
  • February 17th: Notixx w/ Priore, Substance D
  • February 20th: Tim Reaper
  • February 22nd: Worlds Collide EP Tour w/ Murkury x Lavier
  • February 23rd: Entangled Mind w/ Devin Kroes
  • February 24th: Benny Page x Dope Ammo
  • February 27th: Residency Battle FINALS

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