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Sounds of the Underground: The Black Box July Lineup |

Just around the corner from Capitol Hill, The Black Box is nestled right in the center of Denver. For audiophiles and passionate fans, it also acts as a center point for their favorite artists and those yet to be discovered.

This month’s calendar is stacked with artists you need to know and even more to keep an eye on! Featuring the likes of London Elektricity, ENiGMA Dubz & Pushloop, and Spoonbill, July is sure to keep your calendars full.

Leaving a Mark

Much like Sub.mission & The Black Box, many of the artists on this month’s roster have left an imprint on their respective spaces no one can doubt. We can’t think of a better example than London Elektricity on July 18.

Co-founder of Hospital Records and producer of countless Drum & Bass hits, Tony Colman aka London Elektricity stands amongst an esteemed few who have championed the genre in such a capacity. He’s performed across the globe as a driving force behind D&B and specifically the liquid classics Hospital has come to be known for.

Kicking off the month with a doubleheader are two of Dubstep’s powerhouses ENiGMA Dubz & Pushloop, each featuring a signature sound that captures the ear in a way that is difficult to replicate. Celebrating their release of From the Depths, a collaborative EP, on July 5 with #Vibes night to follow, you won’t want to miss a moment.


Another legend in their own right, prolific producer and audio engineer Spoonbill returns to Denver for an intimate one-of-a-kind experience. With over two decades under his belt and award-winning releases, he’s performed at clubs and festivals in over 15 countries and continues to pioneer Glitch hop in its finest form.

The rest of the calendar remains filled with talent stretching across all BPMs. Two other staples in Liquid Drum & Bass, LSB & DRS are making the trek across the pond July 13 performing side by side as heard in their timeless Space Age mixes and tracks like ‘The View.’

Equally impactful and tasteful in their production and approach, Mystic State return to Electronic Tuesdays on July 16 with their soulful multi-genre soundscapes. Another artist joining the E-Tuesday alum is Don Jamal, a budding Colorado resident we’ve kept our eye on and can’t wait to see. We look forward to seeing you there!

July at The Black Box

For the full calendar, check below to find your flavor and grab tickets ASAP as they are flying for many of these events. Tickets are available NOW at The Black Box website. Don’t forget to stop at the bar to see their latest non-alcoholic options!

  • July 5th: ENiGMA DUBZ x Pushloop (From The Depths EP Release Party)
  • July 6th: ENiGMA DUBZ x Pushloop (#Vibes Night)
  • July 9th: Electronic Tuesdays w/ Squarewave
  • July 11th: Spoonbill
  • July 13th: LSB & DRS
  • July 16th: Electronic Tuesdays w/ Mystic State
  • July 18th: London Elektricity
  • July 19th: Hydraulix
  • July 20th: Xenotype + Bemah
  • July 23rd: Electronic Tuesdays w/ Kursk & Atek
  • July 26th: Miley Serious + Floret Loret
  • July 27th: NIK P
  • July 30th: Electronic Tuesdays w/ Don Jamal

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