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Two Shows You Should See This Month: Lab Group and Mura Masa Take Over Mission & Meow Wolf

Mura Masa is Set to Take the stage at MEOW WOLF on February 22nd

Mura Masa, also known as Alex Crossan, remains an award-winning producer and songwriter. With a talent for mastering a variety of instruments, this Germany-based producer has been a trendsetter in the scene for over a decade.

Many credit Mura Masa with a significant role in shaping and inspiring the feel-good EDM genre, and we wholeheartedly agree. Having collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic artists ranging from A$AP Rocky, Charli XCX, and Ariana Grande, Crossan knows a thing or two about crafting world-famous hits. We can only anticipate experiencing this mastery live at Meow Wolf for his headline show, with support from Kases., in the coming week.

The show will feature a set list of some of the artist’s most inspiring and groundbreaking albums. From Someday Somewhere, released in 2015, to Demon Time, his newest album from 2022, there is a style offered for everyone. Furthermore, the show is one on the River Beats radar for next week! GET TICKETS HERE to see Mura Masa at Meow Wolf.

The depth of talent showcased in Crossan’s discography epitomizes true artistry. Extending beyond the EDM community, he embodies the creativity of the music industry as a whole. Undoubtedly, Mura Masa will continue to push the boundaries of the industry, earning him numerous awards. We are certain that the show will be one not to miss, and we eagerly anticipate his arrival in Denver. The venue, Meow Wolf, is sure to complement his eccentric music style perfectly.

Lab Group is Back in Denver on February 23rd

The popular bass collective, otherwise known as Lab Group, heads back to Denver with a headline following direct support from Clams Casino, Jacques Greene, + more.

One of the first live shows with the OG members Potions, Supertask, and CharlestheFirst was back in 2018 at a Detroit venue called “The Magic Stick”. The night featured sounds that the majority of attendees had never heard before. As the crowd watched in awe, you could tell people were immediately hooked. From that moment, the trio had then continued as new-age industry leaders. Including trend-setting sounds, and a vast display of talent from all of the members involved.

Artists such as Player Dave, Tiedye ky, and Ruku have recently shined a light on what the collective embodies. All while continuously adding their additions to the music mastery behind Lab Group. Ranging from creativity and beauty in the beats, this group has truly been standing out among the rest for the past few years.

The Mission Ballroom headline is set to make waves in the Denver scene as fans anticipate fresh sounds and new ideas. Including the forward-thinking industry leaders’ newest projects, as they are set to take the stage after a long-awaited return from the CharlestheFirst benefit show.

The Light, The Reason, The Meaning: The loss of CharlestheFirst has undoubtedly been challenging for the community and all involved. However, the connection between the music and the emotions truly encapsulates the collective’s impact on the industry. Every time Lab Group takes the stage, you can sense the fans in the crowd uniting. Transforming such hardship into something beautiful is undeniably what makes this collective so remarkable. With the most forward-thinking bass music in the scene, you cannot miss the special show they have put together.


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