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LYNY Chats Inspirations, Future Plans, & More In Prep For Cervantes’ Headline Debut

LYNY is set to make his headlining debut at Cervantes on Friday, April 5. Featuring a stacked lineup with support from Stooki Sound, COPYCATT, PATH, and Tesla Nikole GET YOUR TICKETS TO LYNY AT CERVANTES HERE

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Alec Leinhauser (Aka LYNY) makes his way to Denver for his very first Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom headline show on April 5th, 2024. In preparation for his show, we chatted with LYNY over a phone interview. The goal of our call? Think of this piece as a “know before you go,” as we hope you learn as much about LYNY as we did.

If you are unfamiliar with his work, we invite you to explore his feelings, current “sound,” inspirations, and some of his accomplishments early on in his career. We also dive a little bit into his unreleased collaborations with the iconic Hamdi! Let’s get to know LYNY.

The Come Up, Denver Bass Scene, And a Look Into LYNY

RB: Denver is looking forward to your headline show at Cervantes – It feels like your music is incredibly popular here. What is your feeling headed into your show at Cervantes?

“Super excited! I’ve always wanted to headline in Denver, every time I play out here it’s been extremely welcoming, especially for a kid who dabbles in bass music. I can’t wait to show Denver all this brand new material I’ve been working on.” – LYNY

RB: Your style of dance music is extremely fresh and wildly impressive. Can you explain to us what you would consider your “sound” – And what was your “blow-up moment” in your mind?

LYNY: “I started as a hip-hop producer from ages 12 to 16. But when I navigated towards electronic music, I still felt like I could retain the sounds that I became so familiar with. I’d now consider my style a blend between both worlds! I guess my initial ‘big break’ was off my track “Jump Bros.” Marshmello was one of the first big artists to support it in his live shows. A few years later my single “Noxious” took off! Honestly, the track came together pretty quickly, I was kind of just messing around with riddim sounds that I made in a program called Razor.”

“I would say that I’m a perfectionist, and I really love audio, so I can definitely be a little ‘scientist’ sometimes. But I always lean towards a more approachable sound.” – LYNY

The Collab You Never Knew You Needed

RB: Let’s talk about your not-so-secret unreleased collaborations with Hamdi.I would love to know how that relationship started, and how you guys find inspiration from each other. 

LYNY: “Hamdi is a really good dude. We connected after he heard a few of my beats. When he began touring here in the States, he would often stop in Chicago for a few days to rest and we would work together then. We’ve done this a few times now and made lots of great music together.

I think our visions are pretty aligned in terms of what sound we’re going for when we work, which is super great and I think it just comes from genuine chemistry. Alex is also just a great guy to hang around with. He does go out of his way to make people feel welcome! Truly an inspiring person sonic-wise and in general.”

@hamdimusic It’s cooking season with LYNY 👨‍🍳 #fyp #dubstep #newmusic ♬ original sound – hamdimusic

RB: When collaborating on these unreleased tracks together, what influences are taken from each other? How does that process look? 

LYNY: It’s funny, Hamdi’s influence seems to fall more into the early grime/uk dubstep scene- whereas I’m influenced mostly by 90s rnb/hip hop (shoutout to my mom) and trap music. Both influences have lots of similarities. They both can be minimal, bouncy, swung, and typically contain weirder/unique top leads.

The differences in influences are what make the collabs fun. In the end, we don’t think about our influences when we create, we just sort of let loose, but it is good to note! I’ve also realized how much early UK grime sounds like the stuff I’d been trying to make for a long time. Morgue by Wiley is a great example.”

Style, Inspiration, And An Exclusive Sneak Peek Into 2024

RB: What are some sound goals for the future sound of LYNY? What can fans anticipate to hear coming from you looking ahead? Any teasers for fans to be on the lookout for?

LYNY: “I just want people to know I’ve never limited myself to a specific genre or a sound. I make whatever I’m inspired by at that time. If I hear a bass house record that I love, I go and write bass house records. If I hear an indie-pop song I love, I go and write indie-pop. Any genre. I’ve tried jazz too. It surely wasn’t the best, but it’s always good practice.

I see myself as more of a James Blake, Flying Lotus, or Fred Again. Genres seem to not matter to them when they create, it’s just raw expression. And when they work with others, you can trust that it’s gonna be great. That’s exactly what I aspire to do, the goal is to be able to fully express myself in as many ways as I can musically and to help people fully express themselves and their vision.”


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Getting to know Alec was an awesome experience. Being able to understand artists we love on a deeper level is always a great way to connect us to their music. Denver is in for a treat, as we will be exposed to some music brilliance in the making.

LYNY has proven that he is a force as inspiration flows from every piece of music that he hears. With no “boundaries” being untouched, we expect lots of new sounds and projects we will grow to love.”

LYNY is set to make his headlining debut at Ceravanes on Friday, April 5. Featuring a stacked lineup with support from Stookie Sound, Copycatt, Path, and Tesla Nikole GET YOUR TICKETS TO LYNY AT CERVANTES HERE

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