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River Beats Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Staff During COVID Pandemic

River Beats, River Beats New Orleans, & River Beats Colorado have launched a crowdsourcing campaign through Gofundme to support our staff. Donate $10 or more for a custom River Beats sticker, donate $35 or more for a River Beats tank top & sticker. Every $10 donate Every $10 donated equals 1 chance to enter to win GA festival tickets to any US festival in 2021. Click here to support! 

Since our inception, River Beats has reached millions of fans over hundreds of cities, regions, and countries. Our audience has cherished our convergence of music, culture, &. We’ve​ supported hundreds of artists and businesses across the world through our publication, original video content, and live events. 

As an added bonus for supporting our staff, we have a few rewards for our donors. 

Donate $10 or more and receive a custom River Beats sticker, donate $50 or more and receive a River Beats tank top & sticker. And finally, for Every $10 you donate you earn a to win a GA festival tickets to any US festival in 2021. Donate below to help our staff and enter to win!

As an independent digital media company operating in music, live events, and restaurants we’ve been hit hard by coronavirus. The revenue that funded our operations has come to a complete halt. This has led to “temporary layoffs” of our staff.

Unfortunately, we were not approved for a loan by the government, and we’re trying our best to keep our staff paid during these difficult times when they need it the most.

While we’ve continued to cover cultural and music news from our homes in New Orleans, Colorado, and dozens of other large cities it has been extremely difficult to operate under the current circumstances.

Over the past month, we’ve used our platform to raise tens of thousands of dollars for artists, venues, promoters, and many more affected by COVID-19. We’ve done this through some amazing live stream events. To continue, we need to ask for a little help from our friends and fans in our amazing community.

We need your financial support ​in order to keep providing you with the best cultural and music news and to continue helping artists & independent venues. We’re asking you, our fans and supporters, to help keep our publication alive. We’ve started a go-fund-me to pay our staff, and we would be extremely grateful if you could contribute. 

We plan to be extremely transparent throughout this process, providing contributors with details on how we plan to pay our staff. 

Please consider us today, we love you all, and can’t wait to get back to the live entertainment life that we all love and NEED! Thank you so much!


Festival contest rules: The value of the ticket can not exceed $350. The offer is good for all of 2021. For more information please email us at

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