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A Glimpse into Super Future and his Augmented Duality Two-Set Tour [Interview]

Super Future Unveiled his ‘Augmented Duality” performance with a Sold Out headline SHIFT Thursday show at Cervantes’ masterpiece ballroom. Super Future brought his Augmented Duality tour to Denver last month, drawing a sold-out crowd to SHIFT at Cervantes. The synergy of talented support, top-notch production, and visionary creativity created a truly magical experience. As one of the most anticipated events of the month, it certainly lived up to expectations.

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Kicking off the show, Super Future captivated the audience with his signature blend of bass and trap. The energy emanating from the stage, enhanced by lasers, visuals, and overall production, was nothing short of electric. There’s something invigorating about witnessing an artist pour their passion into their music in a packed house.

This sentiment was evident during his second set, which delved into downtempo psychedelic bass, a genre Super Future has always excelled in. The contrast between the two sets perfectly embodied the concept of “Augmented Duality.” Yet, amidst the stylistic variation, one thing remained constant: the passion emanating from the artist as he commanded the stage, being felt by all fans in attendance.


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“Augmented Duality is where I’m showing people ALL of what I can do. In Denver we sold that first tour stop out in a huge way… so I’m just feeling invigorated to give more of that. Very proud to say that all the work I’ve done to build this is finally something forward-thinking clubs are allowing me to bring! You’re gonna get the same calibur of firepower from a Super Future experimental bass set, but then rocked in a very sexy and cool way with the Yin to that Yang with my unique downtempo set… and at the prime time set. Don’t miss out!” – Super Future

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Get To Know Super Future on a Deeper Level

As a Detroit native, Nick Rowland, better known as Super Future, has experienced what he describes as a “DIY come up.” Despite his years of crafting highly notable tunes within the  community, his journey did not start overnight. 

If you have to rely on others and handouts for success instead of fumbling through it on your own, you can’t fully savor artistic success. Those are my opinions, but they are also my reality. Started from the bottom taking local bar gigs for no pay and no people, climbed my way to where I am with a team of people who started their own artist rosters, and relied on talent and no favors or virality. Dropping almost everything else in your life to take this path is something that will earn my respect immediately. Artists are some very strong people to go through that and much more that the public does not see. That’s why if you get a “Thank you” or a hug from me as a fan or show-goer, I really mean that. All the effort of making the music and the moments for the people feels worth it when we get appreciation from our listeners. ” – Super Future

Super Future didn’t immediately dive into the realm of EDM, but once he discovered it, he knew it was the musical path meant for him. Beginning his musical journey in high school with various bands and showcasing his guitar skills (a nod to the OG fans who remember), the artist stumbled upon who would become one of the most iconic and legendary producers in the scene, Skrillex.

I’ve been playing guitar and dreaming of being a frontman on a stage since my freshman year of highschool. So in some way I manifested this early on, but tried it in rock and metal first. Played in small bands locally, kept up guitar in college, and when I discovered Skrillex (big shocker lol) everything shifted to the energy of dance music. First I DJ’d at clubs and parties and tailgates at Michigan State, then I decided to use my big boy job money to learn how to produce those sounds in Ableton. That part started in 2013, so you could say my current project was born about a decade ago! Wow.” – Super Future

With heavy influence and inspiration drawn from Skrillex, Rowland had the opportunity of a lifetime to share the stage with the icon in Denver following Decadence NYE. What was merely a dream for many became a reality for him when Skrillex approached him and joined forces for an impromptu back-to-back set at one of the iconic Justin Jay afterparties.


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With Big Projects comes Creative Process

When asked to dive deeper into the creative process, Super Future explained that there is no right answer when it comes to producing. 

I have to be grounded to create my best work. I take a week to just design new sounds and not write a song, and that spurs a lot. I’ll sit at my DAW for whole days and get nowhere good, but then all of a sudden when I’m almost dreaming or sleeping, very clear and good ideas come to me in a very sublime way. I’ve had to learn to wake up and answer that creative calling at a very inconvenient time sometimes.
Interestingly though, my favorite downtempo stuff comes to me VERY clearly and quickly when I’m emotional. Mad, sad, hurt… I have discovered in the last year that I can successfully write it all out. I like how constructive and healing that can be. I did a lot of that in COVID while very mad at my circumstance and it led to a whole 7 track SSKWAN downtempo EP!” – Super Future

The Fans, The Goals, and The FUTURE

Regardless of one’s talent, growth requires support from those around you, and Super Future’s fan base, the “Super Humans,” exemplifies this beautifully. The level of engagement the artist maintains with his fans is unparalleled, extending even to his Discord channel where fellow artists, friends, and fans can connect with him directly. From sharing exclusive music and content to offering assistance with sound design for new artists, the Super Humans community has been flourishing alongside the artist for the past decade.

The Super Humans discord server has connected a lot of music fans and music creators in the past few years and is probably the best way to actually connect and chat with me. Plus a lot of other cool and talented people. A very wholesome and empowering space in a world where we need more of that on socials!” – Super Future

As we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for every artist we encounter, Super Future’s journey continues to evolve. While his original goal was to secure a spot at Electric Forest, he now sets his sights even higher, having officially earned a spot on the lineup for 2024!

With aspirations of producing pop and hip-hop records, along with a want for hosting impromptu pop-up shows across the country in true GRIZ fashion, Super Future envisions what could potentially become the most epic Red Rocks double-header of the future.

I’d love to be able to do a two day event at Red Rocks where I can curate an experimental bass lineup and also another night with a more downtempo appeal.” – Super Future


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Get Tickets to a Super Future show Near You

After the deep dive and the experience we had at Cervantes, we wholeheartedly encourage readers to attend the next Super Future show in their city. The atmosphere at the inaugural Augmented Duality performance was nothing short of electrifying. Keep an eye out for exclusive RiverBeats content featuring Super Future’s set at Electric Forest, and make sure not to miss out on a Super Future show in your area. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t want to sleep on!

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