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Barclay Crenshaw: New Name, New Sound, New Denver Show [Preview]

Denver Welcomes Barclay Crenshaw this Saturday, March 16 at Reelworks Denver.

Barclay Crenshaw, previously known by his alias Claude VonStroke, is making his way to Denver this week to showcase his fresh sound, as featured on his new album Open Channel. Barclay embarked on the journey of creating an album in just eighty days, and he will be presenting songs from it on his inaugural tour under his newest project alias: Barclay Crenshaw. Drawing inspiration from childhood experiences in the 80s, the album swiftly took shape, garnering incredible reactions and gracing main stages worldwide.

A Glimpse into “Open Channel”

The album offers a kaleidoscopic journey through sound, presenting a rich landscape of tones, tempos, styles, and vocalists. It represents a bold exploration of Dub, Funk, Lo-fi, and Experimental Bass, signaling a departure from Crenshaw’s previous work in house and techno.

“This is my passion, and I hope you can hear it in the music. I really wanted to start fresh, drawing from all the influences I grew up with, from James Brown to DJ Krust.

  • Barclay Crenshaw

Barclay Crenshaw’s Debut at Red Rocks 

Crenshaw introduced his new sound while opening for Denver’s own Of The Trees in late 2023. This performance marked the conclusion of the Red Rocks season. The performance left the audience awestruck by the emerging era of bass music. Fans and industry leaders alike have been yearning for this sound, resonating across various artists and prominent stages.


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Planning a Trip with the Crew in 2024?

Look No Further Crenshaw’s tour commenced in early March. It plans to extend through June (as of now), with the second phase of dates yet to be announced. His first Denver stop will be at Reelworks Denver, an intimate and creatively inclined venue gaining prominence in recent bookings. The sold-out show is scheduled for March 16th. Fans anticipate experiencing the next evolution of an artist they’ve cherished for years.

Get Tickets for Barclay Crenshaw’s Open Channel Tour Here

The tour will visit some of America’s most iconic venues. Including Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, New York City’s Webster Hall, and a specially curated event at The Caverns in Pelham, TN. Stay tuned for updates on Barclay’s journey as we eagerly await his arrival in the bass capital of the USA.

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