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Sounds of the Underground: The Black Box March Lineup | Makoto, Kursa, Wax Future & More!

2024 is already off to the races and we’ve got an incredible calendar of events ahead! March at The Black Box is no exception with a splash of Funk, Bass, Garage, D&B and more.

This month’s stacked roster includes the syncopated styles of Kursa & Hudson Lee and bass frequencies from the likes of rising artists Chez, Charles Nimbus, and Crawdad Sniper. Alongside junglist legends such as Makoto and DJ Hybrid, attendees can experience the past, present, and future of electronic music culture all under one roof.

Motion of Change

Kicking off this month’s Electronic Tuesday series on March 5 is none other than Makoto, a legendary Drum & Bass producer born and based in Tokyo, Japan. Since his first seminal release with Good Looking Records, he’s gone on to create multiple timeless records including one of the most critically acclaimed liquid tracks of all time, ‘Golden Girl’ with MC Conrad.

Most recently, he’s signed with Hospital Records and is on a hot streak of productions featuring a star-studded cast with DJ Marky, SOLAH, Degs, & more. Fans of artists such as LTJ Bukem, Lenzman, and Alix Perez simply cannot miss this opportunity!

Returning for what is sure to be his most unique Denver performance yet, Kursa makes his way to The Black Box for a special Live Hardware set on March 7 direct from the floor of the main room. Straight from the floor to the speakers, Inside the Box is one of our favorite new additions.

Move to the Rhythm

In the last year, there has been a rather dramatic shift in our space toward shifting the focus onto the dancefloor. One factor we believe to be a major in this change is the resurgence of Drum & Bass, Jungle, and UK Garage.

While both genres are deeply rooted in dance culture, new approaches from the old guard, fresh faces, and social media impact have ignited a new, young fanbase with a passion that cannot be denied. Artists such as Chase & Status, Nia Archives, Sammy Virji, and Hamdi are driving the genres to new heights we may have never seen before.

It should be no surprise, that The Black Box remains at the forefront of this cultural shift. For those looking to expand their horizons or perhaps reignite their passion, look no further than DJ Hybrid (March 15) and NOTION (March 16) hosted by Staticproof!

Stalwarts in their respective genres, attendees can expect a proper representation of the depth and complexity of the catalogs driving the dance culture rapidly spreading across the globe.

March at The Black Box

For the full calendar, check below to find your flavor and grab tickets ASAP as they are flying for many of these events. Tickets are available NOW at The Black Box website.

  • March 1st: Flintwick w/ Relativity Lounge, Funkbox, A New Bus
  • March 2nd: Spades w/ Detre, Tree Gaud, Ozztin, Tesla Nikole
  • March 5th: Makoto
  • March 7th: Inside The Box w/ Kursa – Live Hardware Set (Boiler Room Style Event)
  • March 8th: Wax Future w/ TheBusiness, Bass Temple, Bluuher
  • March 9th: Recon DNB – FFF & Dev / Null
  • March 12th: Bukkha
  • March 15th: DJ Hybrid + Monroller B2B Martial Taktics w/ Rivibes
  • March 16th: Staticproof – Notion (UK)
  • March 19th: Hudson Lee
  • March 22nd: DirtySnatcha w/ Point Blank
  • March 26th: DJ Madd
  • March 29th: True To The Sound Takeover – Barooka, Weird Science, Shlop, Geezy Dubz
  • March 30th: 3 Of A Kind Tour – Chez, Charles Nimbus, Crawdad Sniper

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