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Break Science & Manic Focus Join Forces as Manic Science; Release First Official Single ‘Mettawave’ [Listen]

Break Science and Manic Focus first came together six years ago and performed at a select few regional music festivals, Hulaween 2015 being one of the main festivals. Manic Science’s funky fusion of styles is a fresh take on modern electro-soul music, and their new tune “Mettawave” showcases a sample free approach to music production. This single will be followed by the first-ever Manic Science EP that will be coming out early next year.

If you know you know, they are just that good. Look for Manic Science to follow this EP with a potential tour (Once COVID slows and festivals return). More dance fans need to know about the funky juice that gets you loose in the caboose.

“Break Science was a massive influence for me while starting Manic Focus. It’s been an honor and a privilege working with Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee over the years. They’ve pushed me to stay true to my sound and are some of my favorite musicians to collaborate with.” – John McCarten, AKA Manic Focus

Adam Deitch is one of River Beats’ favorite drummers and recently played our BAS3 Camp live stream this summer. As an inspiring writer, I  remember seeing Lettuce and Break Science play at a music festival called Bear Creek and at Suwanee, before it was Hulaween. I was just a kid in college at the time, but that changed me forever. I would not be doing what I’m doing if it were not for artists like these.

“Teaming up with Manic Focus has pushed our sound and has provided us with so much inspiration. He’s a true friend and an amazing musician. We can’t wait to share this one with you!” – Adam Deitch

We can’t Either. Listen to “Mettawave” below!

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