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Colorado Sax Master SoDown Dials Into Summer Sounds with ‘My Love’ [Interview]


Colorado-based sax master SoDown is an artist of many styles. He’s known for switching from thundering trap tunes to exuberant future funk & soul and back again, often within the same set.

His new single “My Love” rolls back the volume and doubles down on soul. Over a shimmering bed of marimbas, keys plus Jonny William’s light, airy voice, SoDown nails a relaxing summer groove.

We asked the funk meister himself what went into crafting this sticky sound, and what he’s scheming for his upcoming slots at Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest.

Q: “My Love” to me is a breezy, soothing summer funk song with a wonderful saxophone melody. What mood were you trying to evoke creating it? What was your headspace?

SoDown: That’s pretty much exactly what I was going for! Something relaxing to bump in your car on a nice drive through nature, with the windows down, feeling the breeze on your face. “My Love” is a summertime love song about the connection we are capable of as humans.

Q:  I read where this song falls under the “SoDown Key” of your different styles. Could you tell me how you came up with the idea for the Key and where “My Love” fits within it?


“For me, music is an adventure, just like life. The ‘GetDown Key’ is a representation of the different genres and feels I enjoy making.”

Q:  You’re continuing on a great show and festival circuit, this time to Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest. What has you excited about these performances? What do you want to show someone who’s never heard of you before?

SoDown: I’m soooo excited about the festival season! It’s such an amazing opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and explore! I’ve got a lot of unreleased music that I’m really excited to play! I’d like to show them how adventurous music can be! I strive to make every set a journey through different genres and emotions, it keeps it interesting to me.

SoDown is gearing up for a summer of new music, new shows, and of course those funky vibes. Check out where he’s headed here. 

Featured Photo by Cait Falk
Written by Caleb Beck

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