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TekNoNo Takes You on a Afro-House Journey with His Latest Remix of Metawav’s ‘Alone’ [Listen]

Detroit-based DJ and producer TekNoNo, known for his infectious energy and vibrant smile, unleashed a remix of Metawav’s track “Alone” On Friday, May 10th. This remix is adds a spicy Afro-house twist to the original tune, promising listeners a whole new experience.

The new remix holds special significance for TekNoNo, as “Alone” was the first track he championed as label manager at KMS Records. The decision to remix it stems from a deeply personal place for him. When TekNoNo initially signed the original version, he was navigating a rough patch, feeling disconnected from both others and himself, echoing the song’s theme of loneliness. This emotional journey fueled his creative process, leading to several versions before ultimately crafting the final Afro-house remix. 

 “Transforming my personal challenges into this remix has been a profound journey. This version of ‘Alone’ not only represents a new musical direction but also my own process of healing and letting go.” – TekNoNo

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Metawav’s original track, crafted by Colin and Shane, caught TekNoNo’s ear when it was sent to him just to listen to. It became the debut EP release on KMS Records, not through the usual demo submission route, but through the sheer talent and persistence of the duo.

But the remix isn’t just about transforming a song; it’s about turning personal struggles into artistic expression.

TekNoNo’s remix captures his journey of healing and growth, transforming pain into pulsating beats and melodies. Once The Saunderson Brothers heard the TekNoNo Afro Dub, within 24 hours they had joined the charge and finished a remix that provides a completely different experience to the listener. With the powerful foundation set by the original EP blended with the “Saunderson Sway” and TekNoNo’s emotionally charged energy, this new cohesion of sounds embodies the sun-kissed vibes of all parts of our world.

As a key figure at KMS Records, he’s been making waves with his unique blend of old-school vibes and new-school sounds.

His recent releases on Yoruba Records and KMS Records have earned him widespread acclaim. With support pouring in from heavyweights like Vintage Culture, Jamie Jones, and Kevin Saunderson himself.

Explore the world of TekNoNo Here

So whether you’re lounging with cocktails, diving into deep emotions, or dancing through the jungle, Metawav’s “Alone” Remix EP, promises to be the soundtrack to your summer. Get ready to lose yourself in the sounds of the New School of House & Techno coming out of the very heart of where Techno sparked, D-town!

You can check him out live playing this track on the pyramid stage at Movement Detroit.

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