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Missing the Outdoors? Here are 6 Virtual Colorado Walks

virtual colorado walks

Going a little stir-crazy at home? Although technically, Coloradans are still allowed to go outdoors – it may not always be feasible to get to your favorite hiking locations. We’ve put together a list of six virtual Colorado walks you can take from your couch. 

Pro tip: pair them alongside your favorite tunes (live sets anyone?) and enjoy a fully visual and audio experience. These are also great to put on when you’re on the treadmill to feel like you’re exercising outdoors. 

Colorado State Park 

Here is an awesome 360 virtual hike of Colorado State Park. This hike follows along the Willow Creek trail, a 1.4-mile loop through Roxburgh State Park. Feel the great outdoors without even leaving your comfy abode. 

LoDo City Walk

Missing the buzz of the city? Here’s a nice walking tour of Denver’s LoDo district back when there were still cars and people out and about. This should help satisfy your fix of being around people and the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver. 

Bike Ride through Cherry Creek 

Looking for something a little more fast-paced? Check out this 45 min virtual bike ride through Cherry Creek and South Platte trails area. 

Falcon Park Trail Run 

Here is a really cool video of someone trail running through Mount Falcon. It’s a little quicker but the scenery in the video is remarkable. Great way to motivate yourself for that workout you’ve been meaning to finish. 

Flying Colorado Drone Views 

If you wanna just get blown away by beautiful scenery, this is the video for you. This is 6 minutes of the best of the best incredible bird’s eye footage of some of Colorado’s most epic mountains. Our only complaint is the editing is a bit over-saturated – we know the grass isn’t really THAT green. 

Crested Butte Trail Run 

Another great trail run – perfect for exercising or even just enjoying the views. We particularly enjoy this run because there’s an amazing view of Crested Butte through most of the video. And the narrow tree runs and the overall aesthetic of this video. 

We hope these kept you entertained and you get to enjoy being outside (at least virtually). Still bored? Check out our list of things to do while stuck inside during coronavirus quarantine.

Do you have some favorite trail videos you like to watch? Share below in the comments! 

Featured Photo credit Savanna Fender (@savannafenderphotography)

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