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Colorado Producer HU Unveils New Single ‘Infinity Wheels’ [River Beats Premiere]

Straight from the mountains of Colorado, is the vision of Hunter Long, aka HU (Pronounced Hue). Connecting the minds of people through music, and hopes to connect worlds as well. Blending the neoshamanic movement and popular music is the goal of the HU project.

If you know HU, then the first thing you think of is trip-hop vibes. ‘Infinity Wheels’ does not disappoint, as HU takes those vibes a step further. Newly added bubbly bass vibes feel like a real level up. HU is really starting to hone his craft and already has a unique sound. There is a bright future for this blossoming artist.

The added vocals really complete this track as Brittany Wright, a multi-talented artist and singer, joins HU on this one. Hunter and Brittany sat down and wrote the lyrics for ‘Infinity wheels’ together, and the vast amount of mainstream music was weighing on them heavy.

You have to listen to ‘Infinity wheels’ like three times in a row, to get everything out of it. With the song length just over two minutes, we have of course listened to it way more than that. Listen to the lyrics first, then go through it again to hear the melodic scales. Trippy xylophone vibes out the wazoo for sure. Finally one last go through for the bass… Sauce.

There is plenty more music from HU, don’t be scared to check out some other singles, as there are some hidden gems.

Listen to “Infinity Wheels” on Spotify & Youtube below. You can head to this link here to listen or purchase on all available platforms. 

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