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DRRTYWULVZ Talks Love for Denver Before Cervantes Headline (Interview)


In the increasingly popular experimental bass genre, Austin-based DJ DRRTYWULVZ has managed to carve out his own sound. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but you know when you’re listening to DRRTYWULVZ.

His intricate sound design and influences spanning electronic sub-genres and beyond take listeners on an unforgettable trip. 


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For over a decade, DRRTYWULVZ has been honing his craft and performing everywhere from the jungles of Costa Rica to Black Rock City to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom here in Denver, Colorado on Friday, March 24. 

Tomorrow, Denver will be treated to performances by DRRTYWULVZ along with Vinja and talented up-and-comers Entangled Mind and Audio Goblin plus live visuals from Actualize. 

We asked DRRTYWULVZ a few questions about performing in Denver, what is in store at tomorrow’s show, and more.

River Beats: What makes you excited to perform in Denver?
DRRTYWULVZ: Denver, what else can I say? Other than that it’s the most potent, exciting, and rowdy city I get to play in! It’s pretty crazy to think about how many awesome people, artists, homies, and magic exists in one place. I personally couldn’t swing living here full-time, because there’s so much to do all the time and I wouldn’t get half the work done that I do now. But I gotta say I love visiting, performing and I’ve never had a bad time here. I want to thank Denver for being my strongest base, and my home away from home.

River Beats: Can you speak a little to the supporting artists for tomorrow?
DRRTYWULVZ: I truly don’t know what to expect from Audio Goblin but I have heard great things and enjoyed what I’ve heard. As far as Entangled Mind and Vinja, sheesh. Two of my favorites for sure. I actually recently started a collab tune with Vinja and I’m pretty stoked about it. Everyone is going to melt that’s for sure.

RB: What can fans expect from a visual perspective?
DRRTYWULVZ: I’ve been closely working with David (Actualize Visuals) for quite some time. We bonded heavily at Astronox Festival when he and Glass Crane tag-teamed my visuals. We selected David for this show because he has a close connection and understanding of my music. We’ve been working closely together to bring something incredible and custom for this event. I can’t spill the beans, but I wouldn’t be late for my (our) set…

As far as the painters… I am speechless. The heavy hitters are coming out and I gotta say I love all these guys. I really feel so blessed to be around such talented artists and to be able to call them my friends.

RB: Where else can fans catch you live this year?
DRRTYWULVZ: Still putting my schedule together right now since I just got out of the jungle, but I’m crazy stoked on Sonic Bloom where I’ll be dropping a DRRTYWULVZ set and also a set from my new project BoggDogg. I’m also stoked to be playing Unison Festival, Astronox, and some other sweet places I can’t announce yet. Stay tuned, and see you soon friends.

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