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Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek Fires Wreak Havoc in Colorado

One of the largest fires in Colorado history continues to burn through acres and acres of our beautiful state. The Pine Gulch Fire, which has been burning since July 31st, just became the fourth largest (naturally occurring) fire in Colorado state history.

Burning 73,713 acres, with only 7% containment as of 9 PM on August 14th, 2020. The fire is close to Grand Junction (18 mi. north), but like many naturally occurring fires that spread, it luckily isn’t close to residential properties.

(Photo) Pine Gulch Fire Facebook

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Pine Gulch, which is close to Glenwood Canyon. Evacuations started Thursday when the fire doubled in size overnight to 14,000 acres. It also crossed over “Hanging Lake.” Although there is no reported damage to one of the most popular attractions in the area.

(Photo) Grizzly Creek Fire Facebook

The tan shows the current evacuated places, and purple is pre-evacuation.

There has not been a naturally occurring fire as big as Pine Gulch in Colorado since 2013. Which was the West Fork Fire Complex burning over 110,000 acres. That was caused by three lightning strikes, not just one.

Over 1,100 people are fighting the wildfires currently in Colorado. Including 352 personnel currently active at the Grizzly Creek Fire, and 757 in Pine Gulch. Over the past Fifteen years, Colorado has now seen at least three of its worst fires. Becoming a Colorado Wildland Firefighter is no easy task, but it’s a vital job that this state will always need.

Links for updates on the fires below:

Pine Gulch | Grizzly Creek

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