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Adventure through Time and Space with FunkStatik’s ‘Dream Gravy’ LP [REVIEW]

Out everywhere today, July 10, Funkstatik has just released his latest full-length project Dream Gravy via mile high sound movement. Dream Gravy is Funkstatik’s 7th album in 5 years, and he’s not stopping any time soon.

This 10-track full-length album is an exploration through the subconscious and throughout, listeners can take their own lucid journey through time and space. Fans of many varieties will enjoy this album it’s got a little something for everyone: funk, bass, glitch, hip-hop, yet overall a very chill vibe.

“This is the story of my own subconscious journeys through space, time and sound. Each track was designed with this in mind – to induce your own dreams and adventures through sonic space – to chase them and follow them with every might of your conscious.”
– FunkStatik

Happy Listening! Dream Gravy by FunkStatik is streaming everywhere – check it out here! Check out our full track-by-track review below.

Vibin Out feat. Marvel Years

“Vibin’ Out feat. Marvel Years” is the leading single for this album. It’s everything you could want out of a summer jam – it’s nostalgic, it’s sexy, it’s funky. Throw this track on in the car with your friends, roll the windows down, and cruise your worries away.

Marvel Years does a fantastic job laying down some synth guitar waves with the glitchy funk FunkStatik is known for, combined for the perfect summer tune.


“Sweven” is a bit more esoteric than “Vibin Out”, it has a playful and bouncy element to it that we really enjoy. Heavy in all the right places, it’s definitely among our favorite tracks on this album. FunkStatik even adds some hip-hop elements to the beat for a cohesive well-rounded track.


Honestly, “Golden” gives us some jammin’ out at Red Rocks vibes (RIP 2020). This soothing track carries surprisingly high energy. There’s a little dirty glitchy bit towards the end that we are really into. This is the perfect get up & go track to have in your headphones while enjoying any outdoor activity, whether it be hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc.

Dream Weaver

“Dream Weaver” is an ethereal musical journey featuring some impressive drum and breakbeats. This track definitely carries a deeper texture and sound, but it’s got a ton of juice to it as well. This track will have you exploring those subconscious realms and leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied after.

Good Times

This next track is relaxed with some glitch-hop stylings. We especially enjoyed the vocal and brass samples used here. There’s definitely a slight snake-charmer attribute here which really ties this whole concept together. We love this track, definitely up there on our favorites list.

Same Same

This starts out as a fairly simple beat and builds into some heavier bass. A very easy track to get lost in, this has a super smooth and progressive bassline that’ll easily put you into a trance. Luckily, FunkStatik keeps it anything but “Same Same” for this track.

She Knows It

Ooooh, “She Knows It” has a sexy reggaeton vibe, and we are diggin’ it. This is an excellent pairing to FunkStatik’s signature glitch-hop style. We love that bassline, definitely a contender for our favorite track on this album.

Into It

“Into It” is a groovy, funky tune that you can really sink your teeth into. The blend of funk and glitch is so seamless, it just feels good. I can almost picture this track going live over the speakers at my favorite music venue.

The Wanderer

“The Wanderer” is a pretty and sub-bass track with a climax full of wobbles and intricate wubs. We’d rate this medium-heavy on the bass and yet seamless on the delivery.


“Nutty” is an interesting showcase of FunkStatik’s production skills. This track is an excellent marking of his continuous improvement and a bit of a flex on how far he’s come. It’s a great example of glitch-hop done well.

Also, as the final track on the album (aside from “Vibin Out”) this song leaves listeners wondering, “what does FunkStatik have next up his sleeve?”

Final Notes

Overall, we found Dream Gravy to be an extremely easy listener. This album would be a great hiking or road trip companion. The tracks are unique with a cohesive flow, almost like different flavors at the same meal.

Together, they create an esoteric and lucid experience for the listener. We think fans of many different genres would enjoy this album, whether you like funk, esoteric, glitch-hop, lo-fi, bass – there’s something here for you.

What did you think of funkstatik’s latest album? let us know in the comments below!
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